Café Cukkini

CukkiniCafe-restaurant Cukkini (in Russian Цуккини that simply means “zucchini”) is decorated with the movie stars  50′ of 20th century.

Tables and sofas are separated by wooden shelves which provides the feeling of more privacy and “home” atmosphere.

Menu offers mostly European and Asian cuisine.

Opening hours: from Sunday to Thursday from 12:00 to 00:00, Friday and Saturday from 12:00 to 02:00
Address: 70 let Oktyabrya 46 (map)

Massage “Lotоs”

Massage and physiotherapy centre Lotos provides consultation and many types of massage therapy.

For more information call Oleg, +7 927 213 60 47, who also speaks some English.

Address: 70 let Oktyabrya 15 (map)

Where to Buy Tickets for Events in Tolyatti?

Tickets for most events are available in the selling points of company BiletTLT.

There are 12 box offices around the city (click here to see the map):

  • Shopping mall “Rus na Volge”, ulitsa Revolyutsionaya 52a, 1st floor, under the escalator
  • Shopping mall “Kapital”, ulitsa Dzerzhinskogo 21, 4th floor, cinema ticket window
  • “Vega – Film”, ulitsa Yubileynaya 40, cinema’s first ticket window
  • Dvorets kultury “Togliatti”, Bulvar Lenina 1, the central ticket office
  • Stores O’key, ulitsa Borkovskaya 81, box office is located in the left wing of the store
  • Dvorets kultury “DKiT”, Yubileynaya 8
  • Office building of “AvtoVAZ”, Yuzhnoe shosse 36
  • Shopping mall “Aeroholl”, ulitsa Banykina 74
  • Shopping mall “Madagascar”, ulitsa L’va Yashina 14, 1st floor, next to the “Centr obuvi”
  • “Nico Tours Togliatti”, Yubileynaya 31I
  • “Memphis”, Frunze 31, 1st floor
  • Tolyatti Philharmonic, ulitsa Pobedy 42

You can make a phone reservation on +7 482 39-89-89.
If you plan to buy tickets for more than 1000 rubles you may use the free delivery.

Café Okey

If you do not like doing grocery shopping hungry, café Okey may be useful address.

Cafe OkeyIt is located inside the supermarket Okey, with the entrance from the store as well as from the parking.

It could be considered as a canteen where all meals are already prepared. As you move with your tray, you can choose from salads, soups, main courses, deserts and drinks.

Opening hours: Monday – Friday from 9:00 to 22:00, Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 to 21:00
Address: Borkovskaya 81 (map)

Café Shelest

Café-restaurant located in the center of Old Town, in Dvorets Kultury with the entrance from its side.

Cafe Shelest“Shelest” means rustle in English and café is decorated in ‘forest’ colors and there is lot of greenery. Inside and also when you look out of the window.

Menu offers European and Asian meals.

Café Shelest is divided in smoking and non-smoking zone but they just represent two corners of one room.

Opening hours: Sunday – Thursday from 12:00 to 00:00, Friday – Saturday from 12:00 to 02:00
Address: Boulevard Lenina 1/Ulitsa Mira 75 (map)