Cafe Big Ben

A cafe-restaurant Big Ben (Биг Бен) is located on the central street of the New Town.

It is decorated with pictures of London and photo messages from the restaurant famous visitors.

Big Ben has English menu and offers mostly Russian and European cuisine with quite large choice of beers.

Opening hours: daily from 12:00 to 00:00
Address: Revolyutsionnaya, 22 (map)
Cafe Big Ben 1Cafe Big Ben 2

24/7 Pharmacy

There is a pharmacy almost on every corner in Tolyatti that usually has everything you may need.
However, one of the biggest and well-stocked pharmacies is the Pharmacy 245 open 24/7.

Address: Revolyutsionnaya 6 (map)

Bakery with Sourdough Bread Delivery

Excellent sourdough bread and other bakery products delivery.

Basic instructions:
- Orders can be made between 8:00 and 20:00 by phone or by text message (+7 902 377-81-44 Lyudmila or +7 902 373-50-42 Timofey)
- They speak foreign languages only little, but it is not a problem when ordering by text message
- The bread is baked in the morning and delivered in the afternoon. Your order will be delivered the next day.

Option 1: Choosing the time and point of a delivery is upon the customer
Option 2: Your order can be delivered to Bufet No. 5 where you can pick it at time convenient to you.

Click here to see the offer and price list.

Restaurant 20 Frankov

A restaurant “20 Frankov” (20 франков) is located right opposite the Togliatti State University in Old Town.

The name means 20 francs and indeed reminds France by its decoration.

There is a no smoking part in the front part of the restaurant.

Menu offers mostly international cuisine and wine menu is rather large.

Opening hours: weekdays from 8:00 to 23:00, weekends from 12:00 to 23:00
Address: Belorusskaya 13 (map)

20 Frankov 1

20 Frankov 2