Russian Abbreviations

In Russia, abbreviations are widely used and you can find below a non-exhaustive list of shortcuts that may be helpful in your daily life in Tolyatti and in Russia in general.

ДК (DK) – Dvorets Kultury (There is one “Cultural Center” in Tolyatti, called DK Tolyatti, on bulvar Lenina 1)
ДКиТ (DKiT) – Dvorets Kultury i Techniky (“Cultural and Informational Center” of AvtoVAZ is located on Yubileynaya 8)
ТЦ (TC) – Torgoviy Centr (“Trade Center” such as shopping malls Rus na Volge or Madagascar)
ТД (TD) – Torgoviy Dom (“Trade Center”)
ДС (DS) – Dvorets Sporta (“Sport Center” such as multisport area Volgar on Primorskiy bulvar 37)
ТГУ (TGU) - Tol’yattinskiy gosudarstvennyy universitet (Tolyatti State University)
ПВГУС (PVGUS) - Povolzhskiy gosudarstvennyy universitet servisa (Volga Region State University of Service)
МЧС (MChS) – Ministerstvo po chrezvychaynym situatsiyam (Ministry of Emergency Situations, solving emergencies such as floods, avalanches etc.)
ДПС (DPS) – Dorozhno-postovaya sluzhba (Road Inspection Service)
КПП (KPP) - Kontrol’no-propusknoy punkt (checkpoint)
ООО (ООО) - Obshchestvo s ogranichennoy otvetstvennost’yu (abbreviation for limited liability company)
OАО (OAO) – Otkrytoye aktsionernoye obshchestvo (abbreviation for public company)

English Teacher Wanted

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Tolyatti – Sporty City

Tolyatti has many sport teams and athletes succesful on national and international level.

Ice hockey team has been one of the most popular sports in the city. The Lada team won Russian Championship twice but due to the lack of satisfactory arena was expelled from KHL (Kontinental Hockey League). But in summer 2013 brand new Lada Arena was opened and ice hockey fans are supporting their team to get back to the highest league.

Woman handball club Lada has been playing Russian Super League where they became champions for six times. They also have had lot of success on international competitions.

Tolyatti is a car capital of Russia and moto sports are very popular. Car and motorbike racing or drift shows take place in summer as well as in winter (on ice) and attract many spectators.

If you ever come accross a sport team with name Lada, you can be sure it comes from Tolyatti. In any sport.

Click here to find out sport events that take place in upcoming days.

Where to Buy Tickets for Events in Tolyatti?

Tickets for most events are available in the selling points of company BiletTLT.

There are 12 box offices around the city (click here to see the map):

  • Shopping mall “Rus na Volge”, ulitsa Revolyutsionaya 52a, 1st floor, under the escalator
  • Shopping mall “Kapital”, ulitsa Dzerzhinskogo 21, 4th floor, cinema ticket window
  • “Vega – Film”, ulitsa Yubileynaya 40, cinema’s first ticket window
  • Dvorets kultury “Togliatti”, Bulvar Lenina 1, the central ticket office
  • Stores O’key, ulitsa Borkovskaya 81, box office is located in the left wing of the store
  • Dvorets kultury “DKiT”, Yubileynaya 8
  • Office building of “AvtoVAZ”, Yuzhnoe shosse 36
  • Shopping mall “Aeroholl”, ulitsa Banykina 74
  • Shopping mall “Madagascar”, ulitsa L’va Yashina 14, 1st floor, next to the “Centr obuvi”
  • “Nico Tours Togliatti”, Yubileynaya 31I
  • “Memphis”, Frunze 31, 1st floor
  • Tolyatti Philharmonic, ulitsa Pobedy 42

You can make a phone reservation on +7 482 39-89-89.
If you plan to buy tickets for more than 1000 rubles you may use the free delivery.

Technical Museum

Full name is the “Technical Museum of K.G.Sakharov” (Tехнический музей им. К.Г.Сахарова). This Russian one-of-the-kind museum was opened in 2001 and soon has become one of the most important landmarks of Tolyatti.

The museum is located in the open air area near AvtoVAZ factory. It is composed from two areas that are approximately 300 meters from each other and cover 38 hectares in total.Technical Museum 1

After first hearing about the museum I expected to see all models of Lada cars that have been manufactured in the nearby factory. And maybe some other Russian cars.

Indeed, there are many Russian cars. But they are only models in a scale 1:36 in the entrance hall of the museum. In fact, the museum displays a large collection of military vehicles, tanks, airplanes, antennas and trains as well as lunar rovers.Technical Museum 2

There is even a submarine but it is behind the fence and not accessible as other objects. Most of the exhibits are of Russian origin but there are also some from abroad. Many non-professional military experts find the entire collection exciting.

Here, unlike in many museums, where touching objects is strictly prohibited, visitors can climb on the vehicles, open everything that is possible to open and also shoot from the shotgun.

Opening hours: daily from 9:00 to 17:00
Address: Yuzhnoe shosse 137 (map),
Entrance fee: around 100 rubles for each “area”

Tolyatti City Map

Have you ever been asked what block (in Russian “kvartal”) you live in?
Have you ever struggled to find your way because you did not know “kvartals” by heart?

There are “kvartals” only in Avtozavodskyi district and you can easily get familiar with them on this map:
You can either click on the map to know what block it is or choose from the list of all block on the top of a page. That will bring you to appropriate location on the map.

Even though other parts of the city are not divided into “kvartals”, a detailed map can be always useful:

Map is rather detailed and shows all streets, numbered houses, schools, administrative buildings as well as AvtoVAZ area.

There are pictures of Tolyatti from space and some nice photos of Volga river too.