City Museum

Local History Museum – Kраеведческий музей Тольятти – holds permanent exhibition about city history, culture and nature along with several temporary exhibitions.

The permanent exhibition visit will take you on the journey starting with the mammoths whose bones have been found in the area, through bronze age to more recent history of Tolyatti, previously called “Stavropol-on-Volga” and ending in 20th century.

There are examples of habitation, objects of daily use and clothes of all social classes living in the region.

City Museum City Museum

Many historical pictures shed light on the city life and architecture before the hydroelectric dam construction in 1950s that actually flooded the former city Stavropol-on-Volga.

The exhibition of nature displays fauna and flora of the region together with minerals, precious stones and fossils found in Tolyatti surroundings.

Entrance fee is 50 rubles for adults and 30 rubles for children.

In 2013 the Museum celebrates its 50th anniversary.

In the area of the museum many temporary exhibits and events take place, click here to see them in the calendar.