Night Club Shtab-Kvartira

As the name (“Headquarters”) may indicate a gathering place, Shtab-Kvartira (Штаб-квартира) is indeed a popular and trendy bar that usually gets very crowded on the weekends.

A bar is located on the upper floor of Dvorets kultury with the entrance from the parking lot.

There is a wide selection of cocktails and even though it is mostly a bar, restaurant menu offers an European cuisine.

Special events take place every day – live concerts on Tuesdays and dancing music or concerts on Fridays and Saturdays.

Security always check the handbags at the entrance and sometimes the age too.

Click here to see the events in Shtab Kvartira.

Open 24/7.
Address: Yubileynaya 8 (click here for the map)