Russian Soft Drinks

Many people believe that vodka is the only traditional drink in Russia. However there are several popular soft drinks that should not be missing on your list “To Be Tasted”.

Baykal (Байкал)Baykal Soft Drink
Created in 1973, Baykal was considered as Russian Cola thanks to its dark colour. Baykal owes Its special taste to a herbal extracts from liquorice and hypericum.

Tarhun (Тархун)
Invented in Georgia at the end of 19th century, tarhun mass production started in 1981 and drink became widely popular in whole country. It contains an extract from tarragon, and tarhun means tarragon in numerous languages. A green colorant used to be added but for safety reasons its usage is being dropped. Therefore you can find green as well as yellow tarhun.

Grusha (Груша)
Grusha is another carbonated soft drink that contains an extract from pear. There are many producers of soft drink called Grusha but only some of them use natural extracts and flavours.