If you like to buy the vegetables and fruits on the markets, there are few places to do so.

If the product comes from the region or is home-produced, price card usually highlights the fact and marks the origin.

A price negotiation does not seem to be very frequent but you may be more skilled than us.

The markets usually open around 10 am and closes around 7 pm. It may vary for each merchant.

ulitsa Revolyutsionnaya 1 (map), central market, seems to be working only on weekends
prospekt Stepana Razina 60 (map)
ulitsa Topolinaya 48a (map)
ulitsa Revolyutsionnaya 28 (map)
ulitsa Dzerzhinskogo, near SC Kapital (map), for seasonal fruit and vegetables gardens of Tolyatti

Market on Stepana Razina2 Market on Stepana Razina1