Public Transport, a.k.a. “Marshrutka”

“Marshrutka” (маршрутка) is privately operated public transport, popular mostly in the former countries of the Soviet Union. For deeper understanding, check Wikipedia.

The most used vehicles in Tolyatti are vans manufactured by Russian company GAZ and therefore they are also called GAZelle.

The marshrutkas have a very wide network, they are going practically everywhere and also intervals are short.

They always have a number and the last stop on the front window. On a side of the van, names of the served streets are also written.

As the network may not be so obvious, here is a website that can help to plan your trip. Click on the map and put the mark “A” for the departure place and mark “B” for the destination. Then several options will appear and if you click on “show on the map” (показать на карте), whole journey will be displayed.

Each line has very different schedule, but in general they start around 7am and run every few minutes until 10pm.

There are usually 13 seats inside (though may be also more) and standing passengers are not always allowed. If it gets crowded you can also take a seat next to the driver.

There are no tickets, fee for the service is paid directly to the driver at the end, before getting out of the car. The fee within a city district is 18 rubles, between the districts it is 22 rubles.

The marshrutkas do not stop on every bus stop automatically, so it is better to make them sign, hand wave is good enough. Most of the vans have a little ring bells that make signal to a driver that you want to get off but sometimes you have to ask him to stop.

Not all of them have automatic doors, in that case do not be afraid to use some strength.

It is important to add that there are also municipal buses and trolley-buses but they were not target of this post.

Happy and safe travelling!